Hi – My name is Kona!  I was born on Valentine’s Day and am now almost 9 months old!  I’m still a puppy so I still like to chew, jump (high) and play a little rough.  I’m also a big puppy (60 pounds).  My foster mom sent a test away that told her I am a Boxer/Belgian Malinois mix.  She thinks I’d make a terrific service dog once I’m a little older.  She says that means I have a LOT of energy and need someone that also has a LOT of energy.  I also need to find a family that will ensure I have proper training.

I get along with most other dogs, cats are a bit weird so I’m not so sure about them.  I LOVE children, but I do have a LOT of energy so I might knock them over and jump on them until I am trained not to.  I am spayed, microchipped, up to date on shots, housebroken 90% of the time – if I start playing and get too excited I’ve had an accident here and there.  I am kennel trained also, but am too young to spend too much time in there.  I can’t be left alone in the backyard as I recently discovered I can jump a 6’ block wall fence – pretty cool huh!?

I’d love the chance to grow up in a family that loves me!